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    The current weather in Alanya, Cikcilli
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2018, In April was it already summer and that has been going on for quite some time. I have experienced the summer as excellent. Not super hot and reasonable low relative air humidity. Until August then, it begame higly moisteres and then it is immediately less pleasant.         Moving was sweating. When the temperatures dropped a little, it became more pleasant again. This weather until mid-December, then the rain came in and it was a lot. A total of 18 days with rain and c.a 90 hours of sunshine in December is not nice. But I still give a 9 this year.
You can see the temperature, rainfall and number of sun / rain days and more by clicking on the weather history months.

extremes of 2018:  
Windgust 43.6 km/u January 25, 01:53
Temp. H 38,5 6 July 18:56
Temp. L 6,3  January 25, 09:56
Apparent. temp H 42,3 22 July 15:41
Apparent. temp L  1,2 January 25 7:09
rain in 24 hour 95 mm December 19, 12:12
Total rain 1077 mm  

These are the lowest and highest measured temperatures and the millimeters of rainfall per month for the last 12 months.
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