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Here is the current weather in De Laar, Arnhem in the Netherlands
The background of this page shows the current situation
It is is cloudy Visibility is 12 KM
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I use to write a story about what the weather was like last year. But since we moved in on 2023, I don't have much to say at the moment. If you want to know how I get my weather data and how I process and publish it, look under “Weather hobbies” and then “technique”
if you click here Weather history you will see the max. min. temperature, precipitation and number sun / rain days that I have collected

Strongest wind gust 71 Km/u op 02-11-23 15:56:53
Temp. H 38.0 °C op 06-09-23 18:38:22
Temp. L -3.8 °C op 08-02-23 08:25:00
heatin. H 42.3 °C op 08-09-23 18:13:09
heatin. L  -3.8 °C op 08-02-23 08:25:00
rain 24 hour  40.8 mm op 06-08-23 11:55:00
total rain 983.2 mm  

These are the highest and lowest measured temperatures and the millimeters of precipitation per month of the last 12 months.
If this overview is difficult to read due to a low resolution click on the image
Click here for an overview of several years

Here in addition to the sun and moon rise and set times + the phase of the moon and daylight on earth.

The meters are written in PHP and if Java scripting is allowed, they are updated every 2 minutes.
With the thermo- and barometer, the left scale is the highest and lowest measured value today.
You can click on the instruments to see graphs by day, week, month and year.
With the hygro and global heat meters, the green hands are the average of the last hour The markers on the outside are the minimum. and maximum. values of today
The global radiation is currently still a calculated one, which means that cloud cover is not taken into account
In the future, another pyran meter will be built that will replace this data with measured values

Sun rises at 08:17:47 Sunset at 16:31:11
The Sun is at its highest point 12:24:40
The day length is 8 uren 13 minuten and 24 seconden
The moon rises 17:34:18 and sets again at 11:04:26
The moon is at its highest poin 12:24:40
moon phase 96%
New moon is 13-12-23 00:31:59 Full moon 27-12-23 01:33:10

the image above is from Fourmilab Switzerland The image is current when you open this page or refresh it