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This chart is updated at the first of every month
This is a graph of the previous month.

Here the temperatures of previous month in a bar graph


Here is a bar graph of precipitation preveous month

Statistics of the preveous month 

Here the sun and moon rise and fall times +
the phase of the moon and the light on the earth

A brief but far from complete explanation what culmination, elongation and phase angle is.
Click on words for explanation.
culmination is the moment when a celestial body passes the meridian at your time zone. For the sun it should be be around 12 o clock.
elongation is the angle that a celestial body measured from the sun over our planet to that body.
In short if Elongation is 180º, our sun and moon be right opposite to each other.
phase angle is the angle that indicates the phase of the moon.
        The illuminated part of the moon from the place of observation. 0º is new or full moon.

This picture is updated every 60 minutes
The picture of the earth comes from this site http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Earth/action?opt=-p